About OVOM


OVOM – One Voice One Message


OVOM is a platform that shares and influences with One Voice and One Message for a Drug Free – lifestyle and is religiously and politically independent. This platform was launched on 26th of June 2022 the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

OVOM is an independent global platform working for a drug free World and it has no religious or political motivations and is not affiliated in any way to either political or religious domains.

OVOM’s Coordination Team Members are located across all continents.

OVOM only accepts donations in-kind.

OVOM doesn’t have a formal membership rather it invites concerned citizens to support us by spreading our information and signing petitions.

OVOM invites NGOs and organizations to support OVOM and add their logo on our website.

For more information contact us or check the supporting NGOs on this website: www.ovom.info. Mail: admin.ovom@protonmail.com