Initiative for Global Support for a Drug-free lifestyle

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  • June 23, 2022
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“On 26th June 2022, One Voice One Message, OVOM, is launching an initiative for the right to grow up
and live in a drug free environment and promote a drug-free lifestyle. The platform is a combination
of concerned citizens, including families and organizations around the globe.
Why 26th June? This is the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit
In a joint statement OVOM’s Coordinating Team explains:
“People across the world have reached a ‘tipping point’ on the lenient drug policy – and are witnessing
an unprecedented, unified push back against drug use. The acceptance of drugs in our society by
governments and other institutions is detrimental to children, families and society.”
How will OVOM make a difference? The uptake of support on every continent is testimony to the fact
that healthier, drug free lives can be achieved when people join together in support, with One Voice One
Message (OVOM).
OVOM does not rely on governments but rather on individuals and families, to promote alternatives for
drugs in a ‘whole of community approach’. We are witnessing, even at this early stage, that everyone
acknowledges that we can all make a contribution to this change in focus, with a Vision is to unite to stop
the demand for drugs that will end the supply (and the power of drugs cartels); that there will be a global
commitment to a world rejecting all non-medical use of internationally controlled drugs and the illicit use
of legal drugs.
Our aim is that everyone throughout the world acknowledges that they have an important
role to play in keeping drugs and crime out of their neighborhood; that can do this by uniting, caring and
sharing the same strong message, backed by verified information and knowledge. The goal is to raise
awareness about the consequences of drugs that harm users, families and societies.
What can YOU, the people do now to support OVOM?

  1. Sign the petition ‘Our Voice, Our Future’ and talk with your neighbors, friends, community
    leaders and service clubs. You can find the petition at:
  2. Offer skills and in-kind sponsorship through your knowledge, skills and connections.
  3. If you have been directly affected by drugs in some way, please consider sharing your story and
    how you feel this may have been avoided.
  4. If you have overcome drug addiction, tell us your story, so that others can benefit.
    Via website for more information and/or media interviews contact Renée Besseling +46
    79 358 5021 or write to

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