Today, as citizens of the international community, we are uniting with One Voice One Message (OVOM) to call on institutions and governments at all levels to put an end to all drug-liberal (permissive) illicit drug policies. We want to end drug use and addiction, associated crime, grief and feelings of powerlessness.

Please sign this petition, ‘Your Voice Our Future’ and encourage families and politicians to stand for a drug-free lifestyle on: We must get rid of the enabling drug policies because drugs make slaves of our children and our leaders. Drug cartels and oligarchs are not the chosen ones. You and I should decide who can lead our world. OVOM needs your help to circulate the petitions via social media, mail, personal contact and other channels. Are you with us? Your voice is important.

In 1912 the international community unanimously agreed on the international Drug Conventions, liberating the world almost entirely of mind-altering and harmful illicit drugs for more than half a century. It took the 1960’s Hippie movement’s misguided mantra: “drugs are the path to enlightenment” to undo an almost entirely drug-free world.  Today we know that these illegal drugs only cause misery and death.

OVOM One Voice One Message is a global network from people around the world. We are launching an initiative for the right to grow up and live in a drug free environment and promote a drug free lifestyle.

People across the world have reached a ‘tipping point’ where we know that lenient drug policies only ever destroy lives. The acceptance of drugs in our society by governments and other institutions is harmful/destructive and too often, hostile, not only to children, but also to families and society We rely on individual and family initiatives, to promote healthy, safe and drug free lives and communities based on the concept of “no use of illegal drugs and no illegal use of legal drugs.” 

Our VISION is to UNITE and stop the demand for drugs that will end the supply at the local community level (and the power of drugs cartels).  For that we need YOUR voice on For more information