Privacy Policy

OVOM respects the GPDR policy.  

In this privacy statement we explain how we handle your personal data: what we collect and what we use it for. We also explain how you can view, change or delete your data. We think it is important that you are aware of this and recommend that you read this statement carefully read more…… 


OVOM and privacy: 

OVOM is an independent non-profit platform for the promotion of drug-free lifestyles and does not have formal membership. Through our website our supporters can connect with others across the globe.   OVOM respects the GDPR policy.  

Personal data is carefully processed and secured by us. In doing so, we adhere to the requirements of privacy legislation. This means, for example, that we: 

clearly state for what purposes we process personal data. We do this when we request your personal data and via this privacy statement; 

first ask you for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required; 

limit the collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. If we request more than is necessary, we will only do so with your explicit permission. In that case, we will explain to you clearly why we request this additional information; 

do not pass on your data to third parties, unless this is necessary to provide the requested service or when we are legally obliged to do so; 

when we share your data, make agreements with third parties to ensure, among other things, that it is not used for other purposes; 

take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require the same from parties that process personal data on our behalf. 


Use of personal data 

Depending on the services and functionalities you use, we may process the following personal data about you: 

e-mail address 

date of birth 

data from equipment, such as IP address, MAC address, identifiers in cookies and your surfing behaviour on our websites 


information that you enter in an open field, such as a forum message, a complaint on or a message in the contact form 


Name and address details 


phone number 

questions you ask us and/or reports you pass on to us 


We only store this personal data when necessary or required by law. In all other cases, we delete this data immediately. 

If there is a security indicator or if an IT system crashes, we will recover our data, including your personal data. We will then review all requests to delete personal data and ensure that we do not restore any personal data that we are not allowed to possess. 

Provision to third parties 

We will not provide the information you provide to other parties, unless this is required by law. For example, it is possible that the police request data from us in the context of fraud investigations. In that case, we are legally obliged to provide your data. 

Profiling and cookies 

We do not use cookies when collecting your data.  

We do not keep the data longer than necessary. We use a standard retention period of 2 years. This means that we will delete your data 2 years after you have been active. Exceptions to this are the data that we have to keep for longer because the law obliges us to do so, such as data for the authorities. 

Third Party Websites 

This statement does not apply to third-party websites that are linked to our website. We cannot guarantee that these websites handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. Always read the privacy statement of this website before using the relevant website, for more information about how they handle your data. 


If you are 16 years or younger, you may only use our website under the supervision of your parents or legal representatives. 

Changes to this privacy statement 

We may change this privacy statement from time to time. It is recommended that you consult this privacy statement regularly. 


Access, correction, change and deletion of your data 

If you would like to contact us regarding this privacy statement, you can do so using the contact details below. 

E-mail Via the contact form on OVOM 



To prevent abuse, we ask you to identify yourself with a written request. We try to establish your identity by asking you a number of control questions. 

We may also ask you to enclose a copy of a valid proof of identity. Depending on the nature and amount of data from which access or deletion is requested.  

Even when you submit your request by telephone, we must be able to identify you before we will process your request. 

When you submit a request for inspection, correction, change and/or deletion to us, we will ensure that your request is processed within 4 weeks. Can’t we handle it within this period? Then we will inform you. 


Personal Data Authority 

Of course we are happy to help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. If you nevertheless do not agree with us, you also have the right under privacy legislation to file a complaint with the privacy supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this. 


Date of commencement of this privacy statement (Entry into force) 

This privacy statement came into effect on June 26 2022.