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Women almost constitute 50 per cent of the world population and have been making substantial contribution to socio-economic development. But, unfortunately their contribution largely remains unrecognized and unnoticed in most developing and least developed countries. Besides, society gives little chance to women to enter into the fields of various economic activities. It has been observed that though women are burdened with family and house-hold responsibilities, they, particularly in semi-urban and rural areas, have been actively participating in economic activities in the unorganized sector. Yet, the overall socio-economic environment discriminates against them. Empowering women has become the key element in the development of an economy. With Women moving forward, the family moves, the village moves and the nation moves. Hence, improving the status of women by way of their Socio-Economic Empowerment is highly called for.

In response to the promotion of women’s economic empowerment, social engagement and financial independence, the Foundation engages Women (Alongside Men) and Young Mothers through;-.