Parents in the Netherlands have stated 2022 that after 46 years of liberal drug policy, the country has been led into a narcotics state. During all these 46 years the Dutch have suffered and paid a high price for governments ignoring the dangers of cannabis use and trade. The demand and supply of illegal drugs in society is like a cancer that has grown and spread all over the world. Drugs’ policy is therefore an issue that concerns us all. 

Criminals and opportunistic people, with no moral values, but with an agenda of their own, always look to take advantage and profit from others, including the most vulnerable in society. Mostly they work against the laws that we all abide by. How do they do it? They divide the people with false information.  How do you do that? They develop a narrative that is repeated and sustained over time. For example, they tell lies, trick people, misuse good terms and symbols, create mistrust. Then they promote it and use bribes to spread it. They do that in a way that sounds both believable and acceptable. Some will believe it, some will not. There you have what we now observe in the world and what is splitting society. 

OVOM unites the world with commonsense and truthfulness. We stand for our rights to live and grow up in a drug-free environment and promote a drug-free lifestyle. The negative and dangerous influence that drugs have on our environment, morale, and the entire ecosystem is disastrous and we cannot continue to go further down that path. That is the reason that OVOM has started. With One Voice and One Message we unite for the right of all children to grow up in a drug free environment.

Global Coordinating Team OVOM, 26 June 2022